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“Jubilees are cause for special celebration and provide opportunity for renewal and recommitment. Jubilee calls us to express our gratitude to God and to our jubilarian sisters for their faithful love which encourages us to greater fidelity.” (YAS C, 123b)

We celebrate significant anniversaries of our religious profession: 25 years, 40 years (in some parts of the world), 50 years, 60 year, 70 years, 75 years, 80 years, 85 years.

2018 Jubilarians – names (pdf 535 KB)

Letter to the 2018 Jubilarians from Sister Roxanne Schares

Deutsch (pdf 398 KB)
English (pdf  90 KB)
Español (pdf 82 KB)
Italiano (pdf 95 KB)
Polski (pdf 350 KB)
Português (pdf 113 KB)
Slovensko (pdf  KB)

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 Letter to the 2017 Jubilarians from Sister Mary Maher 

Deutsch(pdf 171 KB)
English (pdf 165 KB)
Espanol (pdf 165 KB)
Magyarul (pdf 276 KB)
Italiano (pdf 153 KB)
Polski (pdf 267 KB)
Portuguese (pdf 225 KB)