“We are called to form the faith community of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Our vowed life together is a gift and a responsibility. Christ is the center of our community and the source of our unity. The Spirit is our bond. Christ renews and sustains us through his presence, expressed most intensely in Eucharist. His total self-gift animates our self-gift in community life. …

The values, attitudes, and virtues that foster oneness in our faith community, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, are the same by which we promote unity among all people. As the desire of Jesus that all be one becomes more fully our own, our striving for unity embraces all humanity and the whole of creation.”

You Are Sent, Constitution 6, 9


“In the light of God’s radical love, we experience our own failure to love, our need to be reunited with God and with one another. We learn little by little that we are all engaged in the same life-long process of conversion of heart, of return to love.”

You Are Sent, Constitution 36, 37


In mutual responsibility … we develop an attitude of dialogue in order to become more and more a community of one mind and one heart.

You Are Sent, General Directory, 2f