About Us

Welcome to the congregational website of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. We are an international Roman Catholic congregation of vowed women religious. We have named this website in honor of our foundress, Blessed M. Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger, a woman of vision, hope, and courage.

Our foundress, Blessed M. Theresa, “was convinced that it was God’s will for her to direct her entire being to the proclamation of the kingdom, particularly to the poor, and specifically through education, she trusted totally and dared all for this cause. She called others to do the same because she was convinced that in unity there is strength….She trusted; she dared; God’s kingdom was proclaimed through her.”

“We are also called to be such holy persons; we are to trust God and one another enough to dare to risk all that God’s kingdom be proclaimed more effectively. Our world needs the hope which the proclamation of the good new brings; it needs us to mediate God’s salvation!”

“If we trust God and dare all for the kingdom, the world can and will be transformed.”

Sister Mary Margaret Johanning (General Superior 1977 – 1987), Trust and Dare, 1985 pp. 11-12