Like Blessed Theresa we answer the gospel call to mission through active apostolic spirituality that challenges us to

  1. base our lives on a personal relationship with Jesus;
  2.  contemplate the presence of God in the world;
  3. be prayerfully involved in ministry;
  4. strive for availability, flexibility, mobility in response to human needs;
  5. adapt community living to the needs of the ministry;
  6. integrate our prayer, ministry, and community life;
  7. accept the paschal mystery in our lives and allow it to transform us;
  8. appreciate our sisters’ ministry of prayer and suffering.

Key elements of our spirituality are scripture, our devotion to Mary, the mother of our congregation, and the celebration of the Eucharist.


Sacred scripture, the living word of God, is vital for our life and prayer. God reveals himself to us through scripture, and from it we learn to recognize him acting in our lives. We are attentive to God’s word and action, open to any way the Spirit calls us. Slowly, irresistibly, God draws us more deeply into himself, transforming us into his image. (You Are Sent, Constitution, 31)


“The Eucharist is the principal source and expression of the love and unity we strive for in our community and in our world. …

Struggling for reconciliation and unity wherever we are, we return to the Eucharistic table with a keener awareness of our own sinfulness, of the brokenness of our world, and of the power of Christ’s saving love. Our Eucharistic worship is authentic when we generously accept the entire body of Christ and live as witnesses to God’s reign. We are most truly who we are when we celebrate and live this sacrament of unity. Thus, Eucharist is the center of our vowed life, the strongest impetus and challenge to our community in mission.” (YAS, C 33, 35)


“In our attitude of listening and openness, we follow Mary. She pondered the word received and was so united with God, so desirous that his will be done, that the Word could become incarnate through her. We honor her as mother of our congregation, practicing truest devotion to her when we do whatever he tells us. Prayer and life are an attentive listening in order to do, a basic willingness to be led by God in order to bear fruit in mission.” (YAS, C 48)