Ongoing formation

“We are all in a lifelong process of development, of being and yet becoming. Each sister accepts the primary responsibility for her continuing growth as a woman religious. She is guided by her need for personal development and by the common good of the congregation and its mission. We aid one another in carrying out this responsibility by choosing ways of being and interacting in community which enable us to become the persons God created us to be.”

YAS, Constitution 45

As educators we are very much aware of our need to be life-long learners. As religious, we are also very much aware of our constant need to grow in our faith, in our love for God and all of creation, and in our hope. Many of our friends over the years have asked us to share some of the resources that we share among ourselves to these ends. We share them here. We hope they will be useful to you.


  • The Identity of Apostolic Women Religious in the Church and in the World” by Irmã Vilma Moreira, FJ (Presentation given 18 August 2014 at the 2014 Formation meeting) pdf (250-300 KB): CzechDeutschEnglishEspañolPortuguêsPolskiSlovensko
  •  “Apostolic Religious Life of the School Sisters of Notre Dame” by Sister Mary Maher (Outline of presentation given 19 August 2014 at the 2014 Formation meeting.) pdf (15 KB): DeutschEnglishEspañolPortuguêsPolski
  •  “The Living Charism and our Congregational Identity,” by Sister Mary Maher.  First ALC Province Gathering February 2015.  pdf: English (223 KB) • Deutsch (245 KB)• Español (255 KB) • Magyarul (500 KB) • Italiano (250 KB) • Polski (370 KB) • Português (225 KB) • Slovensko (400 KB)
  • Challenges in Today’s World,” by Sister Mary Maher, Jubilee Program,  7 June 2016. pdf: English (1.14 MB) • Magyarul ( 340 KB) • Español (265 KB) • Polski (335 KB)
  • The Congregation and Apostolic Religious Life in the Church and World Today – Part I:  Challenges in Today’s World“, by Sister Mary Maher, International Leadership Conference, 31 March 2015. pdf: English (275 KB) • Español (300 KB) • Polski (515 KB) • Português (330 KB)