Urged by the love of Christ, we choose to express our mission through ministry directed toward education. For us, education means enabling persons to reach the fullness of their potential as individuals created in God’s image and assisting them to direct their gifts toward building the earth. Like Mother Theresa, we educate with the conviction that the world can be changed through the transformation of persons.

You Are Sent, Constitution 22

A particular concern in all ministries is the establishment of a just society.
a. We call ourselves and others to embody gospel values and to live the social teachings of the church. Working toward the enablement of persons and the promotion of human dignity, we contribute to positive systemic change in society.

You Are Sent, General Directory 33-a

You Are Sent presents a vision of the person, the educator, and the world. It takes Blessed Theresa’s vision and re-conceptualizes our ministry for the modern world. It says consider yourself first and fundamentally, an educator, a transformer, a doer of justice. We are educators in all that we are and do. We are educators called to embrace a worldwide vision, to open ourselves to see, really see, the world with global eyes; to know the world with a global mind, and to love the world with a global heart.

Miriam Jansen SSND, “Grasping the Full Meaning of our Educational Vision”, St. Louis Province Day, August 12, 2006