Becoming a member

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Recognizing that we are enriched by each woman called to our congregation, we respect the culture and background of each. Initial formation, from pre-postulancy to perpetual profession, takes place in a context as realistic as possible, and, if practical and desirable, within the woman’s own culture.

You Are Sent, Constitution 116


A postulant continues to develop as a person, intensifying her living of the gospel and experiencing the mutual giving and receiving basic to community life. She continues to discern her call, the compatibility of her unique gifts with our life style, her potential for personal growth, and her readiness to enter the novitiate. The postulant is assisted, supported, and challenged by her director and her community.

You Are Sent, Constitution 118


During her novitiate the novice seeks to intensify her relationship with Christ, deepens her knowledge of the congregation, and begins to integrate the various aspects of consecrated life. In addition to the canonical year described in the constitution, provinces/regions may provide in their novitiate programs one or more periods of formative activity away from the novitiate. The purpose of these periods is to evoke and foster within the novice the basic attitudes which characterized Jesus in mission.

You Are Sent, Constitution 116, 119

First Profession

By her first profession, a sister enters in a new way into the mission of the church and of the congregation. She accepts the ongoing task of integrating into a holistic spirituality the personal, communal, and apostolic aspects of her consecrated life. During the years of her temporary commitment, a sister makes every effort to discern God’s continuing call and to respond to God’s grace as she is prepared to be consecrated forever.

You Are Sent, Constitution 120

Do you want more information? In each province there is a sister who can answer your questions. We invite you to visit the website of the province that is closest to you for her contact information.