Global Concerns

The world today

The world today is more interconnected and interdependent than ever before. It is also marked by violent conflict and war, extreme poverty and injustice, human rights violations and ecological degradation. The cries of the world are for healing and reconciliation, for justice, peace and solidarity.

Our response

Integral to Christian discipleship is a life of solidarity, a life for justice, peace, and integrity of creation. Sacred Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching are rich resources to help us live lives of holiness amidst the global challenges we face. They guide us in our efforts to transform the world. They call us to take action with boldness and courage.

The gift of our internationality and interculturality sharpen our awareness of universal needs; it calls us to foster within ourselves and others a responsible concern for the people of the world and all of creation. Called to care and be in solidarity with all creation, we are ready, personally and communally, to risk all for the sake of the mission of Jesus Christ, to live our charism of struggle for unity and education that transforms.

Alert to rapidly evolving conditions in changing societies, we discern which world concerns we are called to address. Our four areas of concern are education, human rights, integrity of creation, and peace.