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Sister Maria Imma Mack

Sr. M. Imma Mack

Josefa Mack – Mädi – Angel of Dachau – Sister Maria Imma Mack

Four names for the same person! Why?

On May 16, 1944, the candidate of the SSNDs, Josefa Mack, went to the garden of the Dachau concentration camp for the first time. A conversation with one of the priest-prisoners in the garden, the appearance of the prisoners and their personal plight left her with a lasting impression.

With the knowledge and support of the order’s leadership, Josefa cycled to Dachau around 60 times by the end of the war or walked in winter and pulled the sleigh with gifts for the prisoners, including mass wine and hosts. Later, with the approval of Cardinal Faulhaber for an ordination, she also carried the holy oil and consecration texts, all at the risk of her life. The seriously ill candidate for the priesthood, Karl Leisner, was thus able to fulfill his greatest longing. A French bishop, who was also a prisoner in the Dachau concentration camp, was able to ordain him.

Josefa Mack did all this in silence; she did not talk much about her experiences. Mädi was the code name for the young woman among the prisoners in Dachau. Later she was also called the Angel of Dachau. She is known to us SSNDs as Sister Maria Imma Mack.

We are proud to have such a fellow sister and we wish ourselves and many people in this day and age the courage and bravery that Imma Mack has shown us.

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