The Call and Acts of the 25th General Chapter

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Loving greetings on this feast of the Immaculate Conception, a special occasion for us to honor Mary, mother of our congregation, who gently challenges us to be attentive to God’s call, ready to do whatever God tells us.

A new call is before us. On behalf of the members of the 25th General Chapter, it is my joy to present to you The Call and Acts of the 25th General Chapter, which will guide us for the next six years of our life in God’s mission as a congregation.

With grace given to each of us to bring to life the call and acts of this chapter, we journey into the future together with hope, accompanied and inspired by our Blessed Theresa. Pope Francis reminded us that her life was “a testament to the transformative power of faith, the courage to forge new paths…,” and he encouraged us “to be courageous witnesses of evangelical solidarity at a time when many are experiencing fragmentation and disunity.” (Address, 13 November 2023)

May we School Sisters of Notre Dame be credible witnesses of universal communion and intentionally commit to actions that deepen our relationships of communion, wherever we are. Let us begin now to work with and respond to the call before us, integrating the commitments into our personal and communal lives at every level within the congregation and beyond.

Sister Roxanne Schares, SSND
General Superior