The Associate relationship

icon Associate symbol

“Because others are inspired by the same charism and spirituality as we, provinces, regions and mission extensions may establish associations by which individuals enter into a special relationship with our congregation. Essentially spiritual, such associations mutually enrich the associates and the congregation.”

You Are Sent, General Directory 9

Throughout our congregation there are various ways that “others inspired by the same charism and spirituality as we” relate to us in mission. These individuals and groups collaborate with us and aid us in carrying the mission into the future. They relate to us in ways that help them develop their spiritual lives and encourage the mutual sharing of gifts and talents in the service of the church and world.

Various models

With a variety of models of association, provinces may have more than one model. All groups of association take into account their particular purpose and the local cultural reality.

Please visit these province websites for local information. Or use the contact form on this site.

Atlantic-Midwest Province (USA, Canada, England)

Bavarian Province : Weggemeinschaft (Germany, Sweden)

Central Pacific Province (USA, Japan, Guam, Nepal)

Province of Latin America and the Caribbean (Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, Porto Rico)

Hungarian Province (Hungary, Romania)