Journey of Sisters Roxanne and Julie to Old Fangak in 2021

Before arriving in Old Fangak Sisters Roxanne and Julie paid a visit to Sisters Rose and Karina in Juba.

They saw Karina leading the children in song and dance.

Arriving in Old Fangak, Oct 13/21, leaving Juba by plane, followed by a helicopter flight and finally  a 2hr boat ride:  Sister Roxanne, Fr. Gregor CMMJ and Sister Julie and villagers.

Fr. Gregor CMMJ introducing the sisters by name.

The parishioners gather for the
blessing of the convent.

On October 16  Fr. Gregor CMMJ during the blessing of the Convent.

Sister Dominica watches from the porch.

Father Gregor blessing the various rooms in the convent.

After which they celebrate together:
Fr. Gregor CMMJ, Sister Roxanne, Fr. Alfred CMMJ, and Sister Julie

And life returns to normal. Sister Teresa and fellow teachers receiving instructions from their principal.
Sister Roxanne and Julie return to Rome.

You can see award winning photos by Peter Caton revealing the life of the people of South Sudan and the devastation cause be the flooding. All of his photos are copyrighted.  If you want to get in touch with the photographer  here is his link: