The Provinces

A Province is canonically established administrative unit with its own structure of government. Thus the government of each province is reflective of the needs and cultures of the sisters in that province. While the expression of the government is distinctive, the roles are similar: governing, facilitating community life, communication, and ministry are common responsibilities.

Currently we are organized into 10 such administrative units (8 provinces, 2 districts):

  • Province of Latin America and the Caribbean (ALC)
  • Province of Africa (AF)
  • Atlantic-Midwest Province (AM)
  • Central Pacific Province (CP)
  • Bavarian Province (BY)
    • District of Austria-Italy (ÖR-IT)
    • District of Czechoslovakia (CE)
  • Hungarian Province (MG)
  • Polish Province (PO)
  • Slovenian Province (SI)


Province News

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