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Polish Province

Polish Province, Provincial Council 2022-2026

The Provincial Council for the Polish Province,

Sister M. Rut Koprucha, Provincial Leader
Sister M. Krystyna Szewczyk, Provincial Councilor/Vicar
Sister M. Mariola Wijas, Provincial Councilor

Responding to the needs of ever-changing dynamics in our global society,  School Sisters of Notre Dame of the Polish Province bring the unity of Christ’s love to our broken world in a variety of ways. We serve in four countries: Belarus, Italy, Poland , USA,  and in the Congregational Initiative in South Sudan.

Historically, SSNDs in the Polish Province have taught in elementary and secondary schools as well as other types of schools. However, during  Communist times, sisters were not allowed to teach in schools. However, they were allowed to care for disabled boys. Presently, sisters run two houses for disabled boys, one house for children from troubled families, three kindergartens, one daycare center, one boarding home for high school students, and one for university students, and a heritage center. Sisters also work in parishes as sacristans and secretaries as well as in the Diocesan Curia. Since the fall of Communism, sisters teach religion in public schools. An important ministry in the province is the ministry of prayer and presence.

The name of the congregation in Polish / Polski: Zgromadzenie Sióstr Szkolnych de Notre Dame

Places of ministry


Images of Blessed M. Theresa Gerhardinger

Blessed Maria Antonina Kratochwil


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