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Province of Latin America and the Caribbean (ALC)

New provincial council for the Province of Latin America and the Caribbean

Installation of the new Provincial Council
for the Province of Latin America and the Caribbean on December 12, 2021.

Left to right:
Sister Veroni Teresinha de Medeiros, Provincial Councilor/Vicar;
Sister Maruzânia Soares Dias, Provincial Leader;
Sister Hedwig Marie Ganter, Provincial Councilor;
Sister Olivia Boniatti, Provincial Councilor;
Sister Cristiane Martins da Rocha, Provincial Councilor.

Brief history

1915 – SSNDs from North America responded to a request from the Redemptorist Fathers to work in formal education in Puerto Rico.

1935 – SSNDs from Salesia went to Santa Catarina in southern Brazil.

1937 – SSNDs from Baveria went to Sao Paulo, Brazil and also to Argentina.

Over the years, three provinces were formed:  Porto Alegre, São Paulo and Argentina. Much later the extended missions from North America formed the District of Latin America in 2000. In 2012, these four units were dissolved and the new Province of Latin America and the Caribbean came into existence on December 8, 2012.

Sisters of the Province of Latin America and the Caribbean minister in Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru and Puerto Rico, with several in ministry in Italy.

The name of the congregation
in Portuguese / Português: Irmãs Escolares de Nossa Senhora;
in Spanish / Español: Hermanas de las Escuelas de Nuestra Señora (Argentina)Hermanas Educadoras de Notre Dame

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Inclusion of persons with disabilities

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The School Sisters of Notre Dame began the "Rumo Norte" Project in 2002, with the goal of professionalizing and empowering people with disabilities

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Formal education: Network of SSND schools in Brazil; schools in Argentina and Honduras; a school in Lima, Peru.

Heath care: Hospital San José in Criciúma – SC, Brazil and their  Nursing school. This is the only SSND hospital in the congregation.

Community service: Leadership, formation personnel, administrative offices.

Pastoral Ministry:  In many rural and marginalized urban areas.

Social Work:  Rumo Norte in Porto Alegre for people with deficiencies (most are blind or deaf).

Prayer and Presence: We have four communities for the sick and elderly: Villa Notre Dame, Puerto Rico; Our Lady of Grace, São Paulo; Vila Lourdes, Forquilhinha – SC, Brazil; Our Lady of Lujan, Adrogué, Argentina.

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