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|Province of Africa

Province of Africa

The Provincial Council (2015-2019)
(Left to right)  Sister Grace Okon, provincial councilor, Sister Joyce Nyakwama, provincial leader, and Sister Victoria Swanzy-Essien, provincial councilor / vicar

Images of Mother Theresa in the province

The Province of Africa encompasses five countries: The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya with some sisters also serving in South Sudan and the USA. Ministries include

  • Formal education in schools from kindergarten through the tertiary level
  • Health care
  • Spiritual formation of adults
  • Pastoral care in parish settings
  • Vocational training of women
  • Social ministry with victims of HIV/AIDs and women in prison.

The Province of Africa was inaugurated on August 28, 2011.

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Some places of ministry within the province

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