Third meeting of the Preparatory Commission

November 12-19, 2022

The Preparatory Commission continues its work to help prepare for the 25th General Chapter which begins October 24, 2023.  Meeting participants pictured above are (beginning at the top center table and going clockwise) S. Mary Conway RSM (facilitator), S. Mary Harrington SUSC (facilitator), S. M. Gabriele Lober (Bavarian Province – BY), S. Eunice Dagi (Province of Africa – AF), S. Julie Lattner (General Council), S. Mary Fitzgerald (Atlantic-Midwest Province – AM), S. Paula Balino (Province of Latin America and the Caribbean – ALC), S. Lucy Nigh (Central Pacific Province – CP),  S. Barbara Neist (general secretary).

The Year of the Chapter began October 25, 2022.

May our Triune God bless us as we walk together to the Chapter and beyond.