This is the diary of the our latest mission—South Sudan.  Through the text, pictures, and videos we hope to share the experience with you. The newest additions  are added at the beginning of the page.

A P-8 classroom is filled with young boys and some girls.  Sister Dominica gave some lessons.

The sisters attended a wedding as part of their introduction to the parish life. The video shows the procession with the Gospel.



1. On Nov 18 Sister Dominica and Teresa traveled with Brother Jorge (l) and Fr Gregor, Comboni Missionaries to Old Fangak.

2. After a safe ride in the helicopter, and a needed stretch, it was time for the next leg of the journey.

3. They needed to take a boat across the Nile to where they would live.


In Juba, the sisters had the opportunity to participate in a Mass at the Protection of Civilians (POC) camp. There they heard the language of the Nuer people for the first time. The sisters were struck by the joy that radiated from the people during the Mass.

After the Mass the sisters were surrounded by the children. Curiosity,  the smiles of the sisters, and the opportunity to have their picture taken, encouraged the children to come close. When they touched the white skin of the sisters they broke into bigger smiles and ululation.

In the afternoon the dark clouds bring the necessary rains.

On November 6, Sister Karina’s mother living in Peru died.  Thanks to technology the family was able to unite in sharing their sorrow, prayer, and a burial service. For each of the nine days after their mother’s death. together the family prayed rosary led by Karina who creatively included the language of her companion sisters.

During October and November, the sisters spent their time shopping for the things they would need for in their new home in Old Fangak. Everything from furniture, to dishes to kitchen utensils, to bedding and towels, had to be purchased and made ready for shipping  by boat up the Nile to their new home.  Finding their household supplies meant walking through the market places with shopping lists on which they took notes about the items in the different shops. The sisters would meet and compare their information and decide on the purchase.

Once the quarantine time was over, the sisters moved to Juba. The original housing envisioned for them was not longer available. The sisters sought temporary living accommodations in the generalate of Sisters of the Sacred Heart (SHS). They are a native congregation in South Sudan.

Each day begins with Mass.  The SSNDs and SHS join the Comboni Missionaries and Comboni Missionary Sisters who are their neighbors from across the road. In the evening the SSNDs join the SHS for evening prayer which consists of vespers, the rosary, a litany, and other prayers. This usually lasts an hour. Supper usually begins at 8:00pm and lasts until 9:00 pm. It is prepared by a young, female employee from South Sudan. Laundry is done by hand, using cold water. Dishes after the meal are washed with cold water and lots of soap.

The temporary nature of their stay with SHS is reflected in the sister 's living out of their suitcases. The netting surrounding the beds helps protect the sisters from the mosquitoes. They also spray the room and pull their sheet up so only their head is visible. Keep in mind that the temperature in the room is 30 degrees Celsius  (or about 86 degrees F)

Foundation Day Cake

October 24 The Auxiliary Bishop Santo was the celebrant for the Mass. He closed his homily by saying “Sisters, today you are inaugurated in the diocese of Juba. This is another foundation day—the mission continues.” After Mass in the Peace Center there a celebratory meal.

S. Karina proclaiming the Word of God.

Our sisters with S. Scholasticah, OP, Director of the Peace Center

October 11-26  The four sisters spent their first days in South Sudan in quarantine at the Good Shepard Peace Center located near the Kit River, southeast of Juba.

The porch doubles as an office. Sisters are able to use their phones and have internet access providing there is not too great a demand.

12 October 2020

Dear Sisters,

It is a great joy to share with you that our four sisters have arrived in Juba, South Sudan.

This is the beginning of a new missionary partnership of our congregation with the Order of Friars Minor in Holy Trinity Parish in Juba and with the Comboni Missionaries in Old Fangak.  You may recall that we were invited by them in December 2018 to consider possible collaboration with them in the service of pastoral, social, and educational needs of the people in these two parishes.

The people themselves expressed the needs, especially of women and children. Their strong desire was to have women religious work with them in the promotion of human dignity, spiritual formation, and education. After a visit to South Sudan, much dialogue and discernment, and with the commitment of all of us, particularly our four sisters, we trust and dare to respond.

Sisters Rose and Karina will join in ministry at Holy Trinity Parish in Juba, and Sisters M. Dominica and M. Teresa will serve in education in Old Fangak. We are excited about and grateful for this new opportunity to join in solidarity with others as we strive to address urgent needs and witness to unity. It is a new moment for us in “this journey towards full communion…to offer common witness to the love of God for all people by working together in the service of humanity” (Fratelli tutti, 280).

Please keep our sisters, the Franciscan Friars, and the Comboni Missionaries in your prayer as they enter into this new initiative for the sake of God’s mission.

United in Mission,
The General Council

Front: Sister Karina, ALC; Back, l to r: Sisters Rose, AF; M. Dominica, BY; M. Teresa, PO

Front: Sister Karina, ALC; Back, l to r: Sisters Rose, AF; M. Dominica, BY; M. Teresa, PO

Sisters having arrived in Juba, South Sudan

Sisters having arrived in Juba, South Sudan