Novena to Blessed Mary Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger

On May 9, the Congregation of the School Sisters of Notre Dame celebrate with love and gratitude the life of Mother Theresa on the anniversary of her death. It is also a time to celebrate our unity. Each province has a unique way of celebrating this day. What follows are a few examples.

The Novena

The original Novena was written in German in 1985 to celebrate the Beatification of Blessed Mary Theresa of Jesus. Provinces recreated it in their languages to  reflect their culture.

Español • English • Portugués

Our Sister of the Polish Province have used a video format.

Introduction Wspomnienie bł. Matki Teresy

Dzień 1 Nowenny – Decyzja dla Chrystusa

Dzień 2 Nowenny – W Bożych rękach

Dzień 3 Nowenny – Przemieniająca siła

Dzień 4 Nowenny – Zjednoczone w Chrystusie

Dzień 5 Nowenny – Otwarte przed Bogiem

Dzień 6 Nowenny – Wzmocnione przez Chrystusa

Dzień 7 Nowenny – Wezwane do służby

Dzień 8 Nowenny – Wierne powołaniu

Dzień 9 Nowenny – Prowadzone przez Maryję

The Sisters in the Hungarian Province created daily Lauds and a video showing how the vision of Mother Theresa continues in their Province.

The Sisters of the Atlantic–Midwest Province, Central Pacific  Province and the Province of Africa used the words and images of Mother Theresa to celebrate the Feast Day.