In these stories we have touched upon just a few of the commitments of our sisters. The mission we are committed to is the mission of Christ, to bring all to oneness. The call of God continues to press upon the hearts of sisters and associates, lay colleagues and partners, collaborating in God’s mission.

We have been at the forefront of education in a diversity of ministries, since the foundation of the congregation. Transformative education continues to be vital at this critical turning point in the sacred history of creation and humanity.

Our presence at the United Nations and our international Shalom network for justice, peace, and the integrity of creation connect us with others in actions that lead to reconciliation, solidarity with the oppressed, the promotion of human dignity, and collaboration for care of all creation.

Our life in mission is an integrated whole of prayer, community, and ministry. To learn more about how we live mission, we invite you to visit our congregational Facebook page and our congregational website with links to each province website.

Our prayer is that each of us may be people of peace, hope, and love. For we all have been called and we all are sent.

Artist: Erich Klimek, Regensburg, 1985

Image of our founder used at her beatification ceremony.