28 September 2017

The General Chapter guest speaker today, Father Donald Senior, CP,  delivered the keynote address “The Oneness to which We Are Called and for which We Are Sent: Biblical Reflections.”

Following the address, the members spent time reflecting on three questions:

  1.  What are your initial reactions and responses to what you heard?
  2.  As you remember what you heard and put it side by side with the chapter theme, how does one dialogue with the other and illuminate the other?
  3.  What are you wondering about?

The delegates then met in their home communities to share their reflections before returning to the aula for further interaction with Father Senior.

Additional reflection time and discussion took place in the afternoon with the sisters using as a focus the question: In light of the Chapter theme, what is most important to remember when we set future direction?

The day ended with an evaluation of the day, announcements, and the celebration of the Eucharist.

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