In September 2019, Pope Francis launched a Global Compact on Education, aimed at reshaping the future of humanity and the planet. He relaunched it in October 2020, calling all people of good will to embrace methods, processes and spaces that put the human person at the center of education, to reach out to the most vulnerable, to listen to the learners and encourage their full participation. He emphasized the need to creatively assist people to understand that economy, politics, growth and progress must be human-centered as well as nurture our common home.

As a follow-up, the International Union of Superiors General (UISG/USG) invited educational congregations to a seminar,  Global Compact on Education logoOctober 21-23, 2021, on the theme, School Transformation within the Framework of the Global Education Pact. The seminar offered a space for sharing best practices for systemic transformation and generated interest in networking. Based on the 7 commitments of the Global Compact On Education and taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals, the participants explored four areas of opportunities for change: curriculum, methodology and evaluation, roles of teachers and students, organization and learning spaces (physical, digital and cultural).

The presentations by M. Montserrat del Pozo, Superior General of the Missionary Daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, Fey Alegría Network and our group interactions, deepened my appreciation of the excellent work of our sisters and institutions in transformative education. The reality of our world challenges us to view our educational methods, processes and systems in light of the global compact on education. What do we need and what can we offer at the personal, institutional, provincial and congregational levels in order to continue to transform hearts and systems, to make them humane? Seven SSNDs who participated in the seminar offer their reflections. Reflections by Seven SSND  Participants.