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Our foundress, Blessed M. Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger, was born in Regensburg-Stadtamhof, Bavaria on this day in 1797.   Carolina Gerhardinger  was the daughter of shipmaster Willibald Gerhardinger and his wife Franziska.   She attended the school of the Canonesses of Notre Dame in Stadtamhof until its closure in 1809 as a result of secularization. Bishop Wittmann, then cathedral pastor, tried to save the school by training former pupils as teachers. Twelve-year-old Carolina and two other girls were educated as assistant tutors. At the age of fifteen Carolina successfully passed the “Royal Bavarian Teacher” examination

Bishop Michael Wittmann promoted her extraordinary abilities and encouraged her in what she felt internally: the vocation to a religious life. With his spiritual guidance, Carolina Gerhardinger and two companions began living a common religious life in Neunburg vorm Wald on 24 October 1833. This was the beginning of the congregation of the School Sisters of Notre Dame

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