Congregational Leadership Conference

Embracing the Paschal Journey of Transformation

Leadership Conference

August 30 – September 5, 2022

The Congregational Leadership Conference for our provincial and general councils takes place at the generalate in Rome, from the evening of August 30 through September 5, 2022. The theme of the conference is Graced Crossroads: Embracing the Paschal Journey of Transformation. The conference will provide a formative experience that

  • strengthens relationships and support of one another in the ministry of leadership in the congregation,
  • furthers insights into our congregational identity and reality for discerning our response to the urgent, critical global concerns as we move into the future,
  • deepens our understanding of the journey of transformation, and
  • fosters the attitudes and skills needed to be discerning leaders and to engage members in the paschal journey of transformation.

Cardinal Michael Czerny SJ, Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, will give the keynote address, “At Graced Crossroads: Discerning the Journey of Transformation.” Sister Mary Conway RSM will explore dimensions of and skills for communal discernment. There will also be time for sharing on provincial and congregational realities, reflection, faith sharing, and contemplative dialogue to strengthen us as a faith community and discerning leaders as we, together, embrace the transformative journey into the future.

United in God’s mission across nations and cultures, the leadership of the congregation commits to risk living the paschal journey of transformation of SSND apostolic religious life into the future.

Please pray for the participants of this meeting
during this paschal journey of transformation.

Congregational Prayer on Wednesday: praying for the Congregational Leadership meeting


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30 August 2022
At Graced Crossroads: Coming Home
 Come to me, … and learn from me… (Mt 11:28-29)

31 August 2022
At Graced Crossroads: Embracing Our World and Congregational Reality
At this critical turning in the sacred history of creation and humanity… (LGE)

1 September 2022
At Graced Crossroads: Discerning the Journey of Transformation
We … risk opening ourselves to be transformed. (LGE)

Keynote Address: Cardinal Michael Czerny, SJ
(Shared with Sisters and Associates on the Intranet)

2 September 2022
At Graced Crossroads: Discerning Leadership
We cultivate a respectful attitude of listening… a discerning approach to life. (YAS, GD 25)

with Mary Conway, RSM
Experience and dimensions of communal discernment

3 September 2022
At Graced Crossroads: Strengthening our Discerning Leadership for Transformation
Our mode of deliberation on all levels is discerning: reflective, prayerful, dialogic. (YAS, GD 55)

with Mary Conway, RSM
Spirit of discernment: Permeating our life and ministry in leadership

4 September 2022
At Graced Crossroads: Living Mission Prophetically
…to minister more consciously out of a prophetic global vision of all humanity united in Christ. (YAS, GD 114, c)

5 September 2022
At Graced Crossroads: The Paschal Journey of Transformation
We experience … now one aspect and now another of Christ’s paschal mystery… (YAS, C 46)

Goodbye – Adijo – Auf Wiedersehen – Adeus – Adiós – Viszontlátásra – Arrivederci – Ahoj – Do widzenia – さようなら

Thank You – Grazie – Danke – Gracias – Obrigada – ありがとう – Hvala – Köszönöm – Dziękuję – Děkuji! 



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