Prayer for an End to Human Trafficking

by Sr. Gen Cassani, SSND

God, we do not have the words to express
what we can hardly grasp and what we feel
when we hear about women and girls
being deceived and transported to unknown places
where they are sexually exploited and abused
– out of human greed and greed for profit
in this world today.

We are saddened and outraged
at how the dignity and rights
of these women and children are violated
with threats, deception and violence.

Against this degrading practice of “human trafficking”
we loudly rebel and pray for its speedy end.

Strengthen those who are of fragile minds and broken hearts.

Realize your promise, Lord, to embrace these our sisters
with a love that is tender and good,
and chase away the exploiters with empty hands!

Give us the wisdom and courage
to stand in solidarity with these women and girls,
that together we may find ways to peace
– the peace that is your gift to us all.