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27 September 2017

The second day of the General Chapter began with approval of General Chapter procedures. The delegates then began the process for forming the Chapter body with particular emphasis on faith community and intercultural realities.

Sister Mary Maher’s presentation on the chapter theme was one step in the task of setting direction for the future of the life and mission of the congregation. She spoke about the four parts of the theme:

  1. trust and dare
  2. the oneness for which Jesus Christ was sent
  3. direct our entire lives
  4. content with little

“If we risk, let us do so under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,” Sister Mary said. “But we should know that, if we do that, none of us will return to our life just as we left it. Our perceptions, our outlook, our life, will be changed. This will happen if our reflection, dialogue and decisions are permeated by the prayer: ‘O Holy Spirit, enlighten us, strengthen us, so that we may comprehend our divine call … and recognize what we must do’ in order to respond to what God desires for us. This is not easy discernment.  But it is the task to which we have been called.

“So, what should we listen for in the coming days?  Pay attention to what draws you, what moves you in your deepest identity as a School Sister.”

The afternoon included time for the committees to organize and hold their first meeting. They are: the Coordinating Committee, Celebration Committee, Direction-writing Committee, Election Committee, Official Records Committee, Liturgy Committee, and Representation Committee.

In the final session of the day, Sister Patricia Murphy gave a presentation about the Baltimore area, the history and geography, and SSND history and sponsored ministries. The General Chapter is being held in Marriotsville, Maryland, which is very close to Baltimore. Outings to visit some of these sites are being planned for the free days.

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