Logo for the Jubilee Encounter 2022

Loving God, “from the moment of our baptism we are open in a new way to your initiative in our lives.…”  (YAS, C 2) You were calling us to embrace life as School Sisters of Notre Dame.  When we made our first profession of vows, we had no idea what adventures, blessings, challenges and changes we would experience.  “Because you first loved us, we were able to respond in love” (YAS, C 10). Twenty-five years ago we said, “Caught up in Christ’s unconditional love, we joyfully commit the totality of our person to you” (YAS, C 13).

As we celebrate our jubilee, we praise and thank you for the gift of our vocation.  We are overwhelmed with wonder and gratitude for all that has been. Loving God, you have been so good to us and have surrounded us with faithful companions on the journey to challenge us, support us, guide us, and accompany us while calling us to greater fidelity.

We thank you, God, for those with whom we have shared our life along the way. Bless them and all of us. Bless our encounters that this, too, will be a blessing for those to whom you send us. Amen.

Sr. Martina Radez, SSND