Congregational Interculturality Project

June 2023

Final Report submitted by Inês Camiran, Teresinha Dorigon Vieira, Mary Goretty Aboge, Monika Ulrik, Sharon Kanis

The Core Team prepared for this final report by reflecting on our individual and communal learning throughout the project from our appointment in November 2018 to the present:

  • Personal learning through this experience
  • Learning from our experience as a Core Team
  • Learning through the Extended Lab experience

We also provide a brief summary of the ongoing work in each major area of the Congregation.

Each of us is deeply grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the work of interculturality on behalf of the congregation. Each step of this journey has been full of grace and blessing: from our appointment by the General Council in fall 2018, to participation together in the program sponsored by UISG in January 2019, to our monthly meetings on zoom, to the formation of the Extended Lab, to our planning of this final report.

The journey has not been without its challenges. We thank Sister Inês for her faithfulness and her participation as we met each challenge with hope and with courage.

Read the whole report. (pdf 400 KB)