Participants of the UISG Interculturality seminar

Pictured here in front of Castel Sant’ Angelo in Rome are  (left to right) Sisters Mary Goretty Aboge (AF), Monika Ulrik (MG),Teresinha Dorigon (ALC), and Sharon Kanis (AM). They are participating in a seminar on interculturality sponsored by the UISG (International Union of Superiors General) in Rome, January 21 – February 1.

Our Directional Statement, Love Gives Everything, from the 24th General Chapter, commits us to expand our understanding of interculturality and develop skills for intercultural living in community and society. For this reason, we applied as a congregation and were accepted to participate in this seminar on interculturality.

Based on the criteria for participation, this core team of four sisters with diverse backgrounds, cultures, ages, and ministries were invited to take part in this seminar. We are grateful for their availability to participate and to be a resource for our sisters as well as for other congregations in their geographical area.

Welcome to Rome!