03 October 2017

In the morning, Sister Katarzyna Kociach, the general treasurer, presented the treasurer’s report. Earlier, the Financial Report for 2012-2016 had been distributed. Sister Katarzyna reviewed the contents and talked about how to look at the data in the context of each country’s social and economic situation and community needs.

In the afternoon, Pamela O’Brien, technology coordinator for the congregation, and Patricia Stortz, communications coordinator for the congregation, presented the Congregational Communications and Technology Report. The report included

  • Background concerning the development of the Congregational Communications Plan and its implementation, including the establishment of the Congregational Communications and Technology Teams (CCTT)
  • How the Plan has become part of the life of the congregation and
  • Moving forward, next steps.

Their report is available on this page. The Congregational Communication Plan is available on the gerhardinger intranet.

The day began as usual with contemplative prayer, and it ended with the celebration of the Eucharist. There was time for prayerful reflection on the reports and time for discussion and interaction with the presenters during the day.

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DE – Kommunikation und Technologie (pdf  278 KB)

EN – Communications and Technology (pdf  280 KB)

ES – Comunicación y Tecnología (pdf  292KB)

IT – Comunicazioni e tecnologia (pdf 319 KB)

JP – 情報と技術委員会 (pdf 421KB)

MG – Kommunikáció és technika (pdf 421 KB)

PL – Komunikacja i technologia (pdf 388 KB)

PR – Comunicações e Tecnologia (pdf 359KB)

SL – Komunikacije in tehnologija (pdf  362KB)

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