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This year’s theme was chosen by the Holy Father.  Pope Francis explained that this day emphasizes “how grandparents and the elderly are a value and a gift both for society and for ecclesial communities”. It is also “an invitation to reconsider and value grandparents and the elderly who are too often kept on the margins of families, civil and ecclesial communities. Their experience of life and faith can contribute, in fact, to building societies that are aware of their roots and capable of dreaming of a future based on greater solidarity.”  The older generation brings the wisdom that comes with many years of life. They can help the younger generation focus their energy and imagination on using their skills to envision a new world.  

In society and religious congregations, age is important. We recognize that the elderly have wisdom and gifts that can help us see how God is active in our lives. As SSNDs we do all that we can to draw on the gifts of our elderly and work to keep them active in the congregation.

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