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From You Are Sent, the Prologue

“Our Charism flows from our spiritual heritage, especially the gifts of   St. Augustine , who formed a community to be of  one heart and one soul in God, Seeing in the Trinity the basis, source and goal of all community.”

This is based on Augustine’s Book IV of Confessions:

What drew me closest to my brothers was the delight of the laughing and chatting together; of showing our affection for one another by kindly services; of reading together from books that spoke of pleasant things; of joking together amicably; of disputing now and then but without resentment, as one is wont to do with (one)self; of awakening by rare contest the pleasure of being one in mind; of mutually instructing one another; of longing for the absent one, and tasting the joy of  his return. We loved each other with all our hearts, and these marks of our friendship that were shown in our faces, by our voices, in our eyes and a thousand other ways were among us like ardent flames that fused our souls together and of many made but one.

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