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In light of the documents approved by Vatican II, the Congregation created a questionnaire to gather the sisters’ ideas on any revision they thought necessary to the current Constitution.  This totaled 11,683 points. The step was the beginning of a long process to ensure that each sister would have a voice in the process. The ideas for change were based on the documents of the Vatican Council, especially the Decree on the Renewal and Adaptation of Religious, current theological ideas, and the lived experience of the sisters. Special committees were set up to collate the answers of the sisters.  It was clear from the surveys that interior renewal was necessary and only then will exterior changes have meaning. All of the ideas gathered from the surveys were discussed by the sisters in meetings. These were shared with a special General Chapter in October 1967. In addition to the questionnaires, sisters presented position papers (in-depth studies made at the grass-roots level by sisters from multiple convents).



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