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Mother Caroline Friess imageIn October 1850,  while onboard a ship returning to the United States, Sister Caroline Friess opened a letter given her by Mother Theresa just before she left Europe.  She was shocked. It said ” We have the right and power, to declare from this day forward that  Sister Mary Caroline Friess is appointed Vicar General of the School Sisters in America for three years.  Accordingly, we expect all the members of the Order to express loyalty and perfect obedience.”  Sister Caroline thought seriously about dropping the letter into the ocean but she did not.   It took until December for her to arrive in Milwaukee. There she shared the letter with the Bishop John Martin Henni, of Milwaukee. He suggested that she delay telling the sisters this news until Christmas, which she did. After three years. Mother Theresa wrote ‘I appoint Venerable Sister Mary Caroline Friess as General Commissary” of the SSNDs in North America until further notice.  After the death of Mother Theresa, on September 10, 1879, Mother Caroline Friess and her Assistants petitioned the General Chapter for a permanent post of Commissariat in  North America. In 1880 Pope Leo XIII approved the petition. Mother Caroline’s title now changed from Vicar General to Commissary General.

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