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Blessed Alix Le Clerc (2 February 1576 – 9 January 1622)  who worked with St. Peter Fourier, gave a new direction to religious life. She insisted that ministry be integral to religious community life. The primary ministry they chose was that of educating young girls and women.  She shared this vision with Fourier and created schools that would provide free education to all regardless of their ability to pay or which religious tradition they followed. In addition to establishing schools, the sisters would visit the sick and poor and provide them with assistance. Sister Le Clerc encountered resistance from the church hierarchy and many citizens who believed that women religious belonged in a cloister. After a great deal of discussion, Le Clerc and the first members of the community drafted a constitution which Fourier also supported. They were able to convince their bishop to support this new effort. Many still doubted that young girls could be educated. Quickly the parents saw a positive change in their daughters.  The movement to educate women grew with greater speed than anticipated. Mother Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger drew on the example of Blessed Alix Le Clerc when she established the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  Alix Le Clerc Died on January 9, 1622

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