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In 1946  there were Communists in various departments of the government but there was no military presence in the country. That changed in May of 1947 when the moderate members of Parliament wanted to apply for funding through the Marshall Plan. The communist reacted strongly. They took over the government and instituted a one-party rule.  In 1950 the government closed all convents. The SSND sisters who were 30 and younger were taken away by the government. They tempted them with good paying jobs, hoping they would leave religious life. When that did not work, they were assigned hard labor in overheated conditions. When the sister came to the dining hall on the first day, they were assigned tables in the center of the hall. They began this meal with a song praising God. This shocked all of the other diners. In the evening they shared a simple meal with prayer and Eucharist. They were there to support each other. Did any women enter the Congregation during Communist rule?  Yes, however, this was clandestine.

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