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This is a feast that celebrates the conclusion of the forty days after Easter in which Christ was with his Apostles and disciples. Tradition holds that this feast has been celebrated since 68 AD. The first written account of the feast was in 385 AD. 

On this feast, it is traditional that the Easter (Paschal) candle is extinguished. In some areas of the world it is celebrate on the Sunday after what would be the traditional feast.  How the feast is celebrated varies. In some countries, there are processions with torches and banners, or fruits and vegetables are brought to the church to be blessed. In Germany, Father’s Day is part of the celebration. In some English traditions, people watch the weather. If it is a sunny day, it means they will have a warm summer. If it rains, it means their crops and cattle will suffer. In Sweden, people rise early and go into the woods to hear the birds at sunrise. If they hear a cuckoo, they believe they will have good luck.

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