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Approved and Confirmed 

August 26, A.D. 1865.

The first convent of the congregation was established on March 23, 1833. It was Neunburg vorm Wald. From this small beginning it became increasingly evident that to protect the congregation from episcopal interference, the sisters needed official approval from Rome. In 1852  Mother Theresa’s initial application for approval of the constitution seemed to take an eternity. In December of 1853, the Sacred Congregation came to a decision, however, it was not made public. When the representative of the Sisters was about to leave a papal audience   The Pope noticed how sad he looked.  The representative explained that he had no word to take back to the sisters. Diplomatically, during the blessing by the Pope,  he was told that “the matter is settled to your satisfaction.”  Finally, in June 1854 the Papal Nuncio brought the decree to Mother Theresa.  The official document presented to Mother Theresa was dated January 23 –Bishop Wittmann birthday.  Some points needed to be addressed. Mother Theresa followed the directives and in June 1855 returned it to the Papal Nuncio.  It took until June 6 1859  that the telegram from Rome read  “Alleluia! The Rule of our order has been approved.”  Pope Pius IX had approved the Rule and approved the required six-year trial period before it would receive final approbation.

Final approval of the Rule came in 1865.


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