Embracing Unity


Wrocław, Poland, August 8-10, 2023


«Embracing Unity» is a meeting of younger sisters in Europe to take place in Wrocław, Poland, August 8-10, 2023.

This is a special moment in the history of our Congregation in Europe, when the Holy Spirit leads us to experience our unity in a new way. The purpose of this meeting is to build bonds of unity between sisters from different Provinces of Europe. Its aim is to share hope, passion and joy in being called to SSND.

To prepare, we have created a series of videos. Every Saturday evening, a new video is being posted, in which one participant of the meeting briefly says something about herself.

Check caption settings for available translations.

Click here to access the playlist.

Please,  pray for this meeting. For each of us so that we become closer and closer to each other.