Advent Labyrinth by Mary Ann Osborne, SSND. Used with permission

Advent 2022: Daily Intentions

The Generalate Community prays daily during Advent for a particular province, group, or global concern. Each member of the Generalate Community composes a prayer for an intention and prays it on the specified day during the Eucharistic celebration. Each intention will also be posted at

Date             Intention

Nov. 27       For a Synodal Church (Synodal Journey 2021-2024)

Nov. 28       Grace of ecological conversion (Congregational Laudato Si’ Commitment)

Nov. 29        An end to all pandemics

Nov. 30        Victims of natural disasters

Dec. 1           Educators

Dec. 2           People impacted by discrimination, racism and slavery   (UN International Day for the Abolition of Slavery)

Dec. 3           World Peace

Dec. 4           Congregational novitiate

Dec. 5           Provincia de América Latina y el Caribe / Provincia de América Latina e Caribe / Province of Latin America and the Caribbean (ALC)

Dec. 6           Families, friends, and benefactors

Dec. 7           Central Pacific Province (CP)

Dec. 8           Congregation  (Feast of the Immaculate Conception; First Profession of Novices)

Dec. 9           The sick and the dying and their caregivers

Dec. 10         Dignity of life and the care of all creation     (UN International Human Rights Day)

Dec. 11         Slovenska provinca/Slovenian Province (SI)

Dec. 12         Women in initial formation

Dec. 13         Bayerische Provinz/Distrikte Österreich-Italien und Tschechoslowakei / Bavarian Province / Districts of Austria-Italy and Czechoslovakia (BY/ÖR-IT & CE)

Dec. 14         Those discerning a vocation to the religious life

Dec. 15         Magyar Tartomány/Hungarian Province (MG)

Dec. 16         Colleagues in ministry and employees

Dec. 17         Atlantic-Midwest Province (AM)

Dec. 18         Migrants and Refugees  (UN International Migrants Day)

Dec. 19         SSND Groups of Association

Dec. 20         Unity in diversity  (UN International Human Solidarity Day)

Dec. 21         Prowincja Polska/Polish Province (PO)

Dec. 22         People among whom we minister, especially women, children and persons who are poor.

Dec. 23         Province of Africa (AF)

Dec. 24         Preparation for the 25th General Chapter