Provincial Council-elect 2022-2026

Provincial Council (2022-2026) of the Slovenian Province

The Provincial Council-elect 2022-2026

Left to right: Sister M. Magda Burger, Provincial Councilor/Vicar; Sister M. Karmen Balgač, Provincial Leader; Sister M. Alenka Žibert, Provincial Councilor

We celebrate with our sisters of the Slovenian Province the election of provincial leadership. They are grateful for the prayerful support of our sisters around the congregation during this time of discernment. The sisters elected to form the provincial council for the next four years are

Sister M. Karmen Balgač – Provincial Leader
Sister M. Magda BurgerProvincial Councilor/Vicar
Sister M. Alenka ŽibertProvincial Councilor

We thank these sisters for their faith-filled, generous response to the call to provincial leadership.

The date of installation will be announced soon.