From left to right: S. M Ewa Atłas , S. M. Irenea Książak , and S. M. Krystiana  Wester.

The election assembly in the Polish Province concluded in Opole on March 4. The assembly, which began on February 28, was a time of reflection, prayer and discernment of God’s call for the Polish Province now. Included in the discernment was the election of the provincial council for the next four years. They are

Sister M. Irenea Książak, provincial leader
Sister M. Ewa Atłas, provincial councilor/vicar
Sister M. Krystiana Wester, provincial councilor

S. Roxanne Schares, general superior, chaired the election assembly and S. Inệs Camiran, general councilor, accompanied the sisters in this process. The sisters of the Polish Province thank you for your prayers during their election process.

Installation:  Saturday, 24 March 2018