7 October 2017

General Chapter delegates focused on the process for direction setting on Saturday, beginning with reflection time and then opportunities to share in home communities and exchange groups.

Sister Bridget Ehlert, SSL, the facilitator, suggested that during their time for prayer that the sisters reflect on the day’s Gospel, specifically: “Behold you are favored. God is with you. Do not be afraid. Nothing is impossible with God. I am the servant of the Lord.” Then, they were to re-read the reflection questions from the previous day as though they were reading them for the first time.

The next step was to “look at what came to you yesterday afternoon. Notice your responses. Is something deepening in you? Are new insights emerging? Are you called to look at things differently? Did you have a dream that might shed some insight or wisdom?”

The sisters shared their reflections in their home communities in the morning. In the afternoon, they moved into their exchange groups to share wisdom from their home communities, with time for clarification, moments of silence and, finally, brainstorming to identify the patterns that they were noticing.

They finished the day’s process in their home communities, where they gathered the fruits of their dialogue to hand to the writing committee.

Note: photos of the exchange groups are in today’s photo gallery.

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