June 20, 1797

Today, we celebrate the birth of Blessed Mother Teresa of Jesus Gerhardinger, foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, on June 20, 1797, in Germany. In honor of Bl. Theresa’s birthday, two of our schools in Brazil share with us videos celebrating her life. Enjoy!

Learn more about her life here.

Here is a short video made by students from our Colégio Nossa Senhora das Dores, in São Paulo, Brazil. With dedication and faith, Mother Theresa transformed education, sowing Christian values and promoting unity. Her work impacted countless lives worldwide. She was beatified in 1985 after a recognized miracle in Brazil. Her legacy lives on in 28 countries, inspiring a more just and humane future.

Our thanks to the students who participated in the creation of this video, as well as to Miss Tifany for the initiative.

This video – based on the book “Karolina’s Dream” – tells the inspiring story of Mother Teresa of Jesus Gerhardinger, adapted for children in Early Childhood Education. “Karolina’s Dream” is part of an exclusive authorial collection from Bilingual Education at Colégio Nossa Senhora de Lourdes.

“Karolina’s Dream” is an educational tool that transmits important values, such as love, solidarity and the search for a better world through Education, just as Mother Teresa dreamed of.

Our thanks to our Nossa Senhor de Lourdes School, Cajazeiras, Brazil for sharing it with us.