The Generalate is the name given to the house in Rome where the General Council lives and works. There are six sisters on the General Council: the General Superior and five General Councilors. Also living and working at the Generalate are staff who support the work of the General Council, coordinate various congregational offices and maintain the property. This is a multicultural, multilingual community with sisters from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Kenya, Poland, Slovenia and the USA.

General Council, 2018-2024

Left to right: Irmã Inês Camiran, General Councilor/Vicar;
Sestra M. Martina Radež, General Councilor;
Sister Roxanne Schares, General Superior;
Sister Carolyn Anyega, General Councilor;
Sister Julianne Lattner, General Councilor;
Sister Kathleen Storms, General Councilor.

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Generalate Community, December 2018

Generalate Community, December 2018

Left to right, top: Sestra M. Martina Radež (GC), Sister Kathleen Storms (GC), Sister Roxanne Schares (GS), Sister Ruth Ann Klauser (CP);
middle: Schwester M. Burkardis Hemmert (BY), Siostra Nikodema Kasperska (PO),  Sister Kathy Schmittgens (CP),  Irmã Inês Camiran (GC), Sister Julie Lattner (GC), sestra M. Terezija Hostnik (SI);
bottom: Sister Joan DiProspere (CP), Sister Connie Schmidt (CP), Siostra M. Katarzyna Kociach (PO), Sister Cindy Weber (CP), Sister Carolyn Anyega (GC).

Congregational Novitiate

Since 2016, the congregational novitiate has also been part of the Generalate building. The novitiate is also multicultural with sisters and novices from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Ghana, Japan, Kenya,  Nigeria, and Poland.


The dedication of the Chapel and the blessing of the generalate took place on October 11, 1966, the feast day in honor of Mary, Mother of the Church, a title given to her at the close the third session of Vatican Council II and the name chosen for the chapel.

The relics in the main altar are those of St. Barnabas, St. Augustine, St. Ambrose, St. Lucy, and St. Maria Goretti.

Prof Bruno Appolonj-Ghetti was the architect. Prof. Francesco Nagni sculpted the crucifix, statues and ambos.

Prof. Gilda Nagni, sister of the sculptor, designed the windows above the side altars, the large circular window in the choir loft, and the windows  in the nave and sanctuary.  Signor Signorelli designed the windows above the marble on sides walls in the nave of the chapel.

The pipe organ was built by the Ruffatti Brothers of Padua, Italy, and was a gift from the sisters of the Canadian province. It was completed on January 26, 1967.