Our Mission

Our mission is to proclaim the good news as School Sisters of Notre Dame, directing our entire lives toward that oneness for which Jesus Christ was sent. As he was sent to show the Father’s love to the world, we are sent to make Christ visible by our very being, by sharing our love, faith, and hope.

You Are Sent, Constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, 4


Our foundress, Blessed M. Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger, and the women who joined her chose education as the best way to show God’s love to the world and thereby create a better world. Following in their footsteps, we also direct our ministries toward education.  We educate with the conviction that the world can be changed through the transformation of persons.

Our life

Our life in mission is an integrated whole: prayer, community life, and ministry flow from and into one another. Through our prayer, dialogue, and ministry, we become a community of one mind and one heart. The values, attitudes, and virtues that foster oneness in our faith community, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, are the same by which we promote unity among all people. As the desire of Jesus that all be one becomes more fully our own, our striving for unity embraces all humanity and the whole of creation


Following our foundress’ example, we exclude no one from our concern. We are particularly sensitive to the needs of children, youth and women, often the weakest in society. We give priority to persons who are poor. We strive to be sensitive and attentive to the ever-changing conditions in our rapidly changing reality. We try to discover where we are called and which of the world’s needs we are called to address. We strive to identify who are the poor of our time and where there is the greatest need in the field of education.