In Mission 

Called to Deepen

Sister Roxanne Schares
Superior General

The call to deepen communion has echoed in the hearts of School Sisters of Notre Dame around the world, “wherever we are—in every place, in every time, in every situation” (You Are Sent, Constitution 9). In our world today, we experience the need for a unity that embraces all humanity and the whole of creation. The pandemic, which continues to impact our lives, has exposed our false securities and opened us to a greater awareness that we are interconnected, that we are a global community (cf. Fratelli Tutti, 7, 32).

The challenge is to “accept the world as a sacrament of communion” (Laudato Si, 9) and to live into the fuller meaning of this truth. Unity in diversity is the way of the future, a journey for all of us, which we begin anew each day. As School Sisters, we have committed ourselves as persons and as congregation to expand our understanding of interculturality and live mission more interculturally.

While enriching, this commitment is demanding. In this issue of In Mission, we share experiences of our sisters who are opening themselves to diverse cultures and are welcoming transformative encounters.

Becoming intercultural involves new learning and patient listening, seeing with new eyes and engaging in lifelong conversion. In this process,we are stretched, grow, and become more mature and capable of fostering unity in a divided world. Intercultural living is discipleship, a faith journey. It is God’s mission, and together we are called and sent to deepen communion. For in God’s eyes we are “joined in a splendid universal communion” (Laudato Si’, 220).



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